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Music Production

Session work, arrangements, recording, production, editing, mixing and mastering...
Let us rock your music project!

Publishing & Licensing

Need a song? Music library and custom music available. Have a song? We can help with copyrights, PROs, sync and master use rights and licensing.

Audio Post Production

From Foley, ADR, sound design and underscore music to 5.1 mix, we've got your audio post needs covered!


Respect. Honor.  Kavode (pronounced kä·vōde’)  is an ancient word that embodies these valiant principals. Founded in 2000 by Jeremy Birdsall and located just north of Orlando’s theme parks, Kavode Studios was conceived as an answer to the all-too-common musician’s plight of being disrespected and dishonored by unscrupulous industry professionals. As a musician and composer himself, Jeremy was driven by a desire to protect and preserve artistic control and legal rights to his music, so he sought to gain expertise in all aspects of the recording business – from production to proprietary law. His quest for knowledge garnered invaluable experiences with legendary producers, esteemed lawyers and industry professionals.

Fear generates adrenaline, and adrenaline builds excitement. Excitement breeds the amazing performances that lead to legendary recordings!

– Sylvia Massy, Recording Unhinged