Respect. Honor.  Kavode (pronounced kä·vōde’)  is an ancient word that embodies these valiant principals. Founded in 2000 by Jeremy Birdsall and located just north of Orlando’s theme parks, Kavode Studios was conceived as an answer to the all-too-common musician’s plight of being disrespected and dishonored by unscrupulous industry professionals. As a musician and composer himself, Jeremy was driven by a desire to protect and preserve artistic control and legal rights to his music, so he sought to gain expertise in all aspects of the recording business – from production to proprietary law. His quest for knowledge garnered invaluable experiences with legendary producers, esteemed lawyers and industry professionals.

While living in Miami, Jeremy had the privilege of studying analog and digital production from GRAMMY-winning, platinum-selling producer, Rick Finch, of KC and the Sunshine Band. During this time, he learned some of Rick’s best recording and production techniques across the spectrum, including how to record a full drum set with only one microphone, how to physically cut and edit on 2-inch analog tape, and how to motivate artists to produce a perfect take in the shortest amount of time.
As a recording artist, Jeremy accepted the extraordinary invitation to record a rock album with GRAMMY-winner and legendary producer, Sylvia Massy (Tool, Johnny Cash, Prince, Tom Petty, Red Hot Chili Peppers and more). During the 11-day recording residency, which took place in a 14th century castle in Germany, Jeremy got to collaborate with Sylvia on the kind of unorthodox techniques she’s famous for, including recording vocals in a dungeon, recording a piano with a garden hose, and recording guitars through a sausage, a cassette deck and a robot. This experience was a front-row seat to Sylvia’s creative genius and evidence that “Fear generates adrenaline, and adrenaline builds excitement. Excitement breeds the amazing performances that lead to legendary recordings!” (Sylvia Massy, Recording Unhinged)
Jeremy’s earliest and most influential business mentor, is friend and attorney, Carl Richardson, who currently serves as attorney for the U.S. Virgin Islands. Under Carl’s guidance, Jeremy acquired a fundamental comprehension of business and contract law – a valuable and indispensable asset for any musician or artist in the recording industry.
These are just a few of the extraordinary experiences that directly influence Jeremy’s creative and technical approach to recording and production at Kavode Studios.
Jeremy’s passion is to empower fellow artists and peers to protect their creative integrity and rights by sharing the invaluable knowledge and wisdom he’s gained from some of the industry’s most renowned forces.
Jeremy is honored to be a District Advocate Captain, GrammyU Mentor and Voting Member of the Recording Academy/GRAMMYs, a Professional Voting Member of the GMA/Dove Awards, a Voting Member of the Society of Composers and Lyricists, and an Official Judge for the NAACP’s National Act-So Competition. He proudly endorses Aguilar Amplification, Gator Cases and Gold Tone Instruments. Jeremy holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music Composition and is currently pursuing his Master of Arts.
The unique combination of education, experience and accomplishment that Jeremy brings to the recording and production table is unequivocal and one you won’t find anywhere other than Kavode Studios!