• Arrangements
    We'll help you tailor your music so that it purely conveys your desired intention, truly resonates with your fans, and reaches even more people. Let us push your project over the top!
  • Session Work
    Jeremy is an accomplished musician, specializing in keys and strings. Let him add piano, synth, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, classical guitar, baritone guitar, electric bass (fretted or fretless), upright bass, banjo bass, cello, sitar, cigar box guitar, dulcimer, mandolin, ukulele, or Chapman Stick to make your next project really shine!
  • Recording
    From singles to full albums, acoustic singer-songwriter projects to full jazz bands, 30-second radio ads to movie trailers, voiceovers to full movie soundtracks, we've done it all and can tackle your recording project!
  • Production
    Our production approach is fun and educational, while always keeping the goal in mind: make this recording the absolute best it can possibly be! With Pro Tools, Kontakt, and a vast array of other digital in-the-box production tools, as well as a large complement of vintage analog gear, we've got everything you need to produce your perfect project!
  • Editing
    Our editing capabilities are among the best in the industry! Whether your project needs the noise floor lowered, digital artifacts removed, vocals or instruments tuned, comp tracks and stems created, or any other audio correction, we are ready to edit! References available upon request.
  • Mixing
    We love to take existing projects and mix them to sound balanced, present and organic whether you're listening in your car, on earbuds or anywhere in between. Send us your production today. You'll love how it sits in our mix!
  • Mastering
    Let's get that project polished, ready for radio/TV, and sounding amazing!
  • Music Library
    Our publishing branch has a vast, multi-genre, original music library. Contact us to hear music samples for your project!
  • Custom Music
    Need theme music for your podcast? Logo animation music? An original song for your movie? Or even an entire soundtrack? We can create custom music to fit your exact needs.
  • Copyrights
    Let us help you take the guesswork out of securing the rights to your original music.
  • PROs (Performing Rights Organizations)
    We'll help you select the best service for your needs, create your account, publish your works, and get paid even when you play your own songs!
  • Sync & Master Use Rights & Licensing
    We can help you get your music licensed for use in film, TV and the gaming industry.
  • Foley
    We have an extensive collection of custom sound effects and specialize in creating bespoke sounds for the specific needs of your project!
  • ADR
    Whether you need dialog replacement with the original actors or overdubbing in multiple languages, Kavode Studios can cover your ADR needs in-studio or remotely.
  • Underscore Music
    From poignant dramatic scenes to gripping action sequences, let us create the perfect tone for your film, TV show or game.
  • Sound Design
    Blending all of the audio elements together, we can create the perfect balance of ADR, Foley/FX, and soundtrack.
  • Surround Sound Mix
    Kavode Studios provides 5.1 or 7.1 surround mixing for your film, TV show, game, or immersive album experience!